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Neck pain

Neck and/or shoulder pain affects many people at any age. It is a major reason for lost productivity and absenteeism from work and for many it leads to headaches, arthritis and other health complications. There can be many causes of neck and shoulder pain, ranging from poor posture, repetitive strain injuries or traumatic injury, to more complicated conditions such as spinal arthritis, degenerating discs or trapped nerves causing pain and dysfunction in the arms or even to important organs that have nerve supply from the neck.

Neck pain often leads to terrible stiffness, which can make many of our daily activities very difficult. Very commonly neck dysfunction causes tightness in the shoulders and upper-back, loss of range of motion, and eventually numbness and tingling into the arms and hands.


The perfect solution for your neck and shoulder pain

Unfortunately, many treatments for neck and shoulder pain are ineffective, and as they tend to focus on the symptoms and not the actual cause, the results are poor. A popular method is to take medication to cover up the pain. Worse still, there are many unnecessary surgeries performed every year.  Neck surgery generally has a very poor outcome and can lead to more significant pain and disability.

Fortunately, at ICC, we may have the perfect solution to your neck or shoulder pain based on improving the function of your neck and spine and thus subsequently promoting healing.

During a full consultation, which includes a thorough case history and any necessary orthopaedic and neurological exams, we first determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the spinal rehab procedures we employ in our clinic.

If necessary we will organize X-Rays in order that we can actually see the changes that are happening to your spine. Once we are happy that we have all the necessary information to give you the very best care, we will then outline the recommended treatment.

If you have disc bulge, herniation or pinched nerve we will determine if you are a candidate for DTS Decompression Therapy.

Many patients with neck and shoulder pain have lost the normal forward curve in their neck.  This always leads to increasing health problems and its correction is often at the heart of our rehabilitative approach that delivers such incredible results. At ICC we are also using a Posture Neck Pump to help restoring normal neck spinal curve, decompresses and hydrates damaged discs while aligning vertebra into their natural curved shape. This is a vast improvement over common linear traction where the natural curved shape is forcefully removed!

At ICC, we will locate the specific cause of the pain and with treatment will come improved structure and function – without drugs or side effects.